Wednesday, October 3, 2012

생일축하합니다 Yoon Eun hye!!!

03 october,  today is her birthday :)
you know who is she? drama wiki (yoon eun hye i love her acting on " coffee prince "korean drama.

shes really cute (even shes do plastic surgery) i still like her :)
the best part of her is. ... her lips :P kinda look like angelina jolie lol just "kinda look like " OFC jolie is bigger, i mean sexier lol (the lips)

she was tweeting bout the birthday on her official twitter account and.. i just mention her tweets
         "생일축하합니다 "
what thats mean? google it ;).lol jk jk
thats mean happy birthday in korean languange :)
i wish she could retweeted my birthday tweet back :)

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