Wednesday, October 10, 2012

happy birthday to the best DAD ever!

its October 10,2012

happy birthday to the greatest man I know, my father.
A man who has accomplished so much in his life. Someone I have always looked up to and strived to make proud. As he has always made me proud to be his daughter.
The one who taught me to just be myself. The man who inspires me to be a
better person. The person who inspires me to be who I want to be.The man who
supports me at anything. No words needed.My dad isnot the kind of man
who says, be strong, be who you want to be, i think he has trouble expressing himself,but dad I know that, that’s what you want. For me to be strong„ to
be who i want to be. Even if you don’t say it. And I am so thankful. Thank you for correcting me when I’m doing something wrong, without saying anything. Right there i know that I’m wrong, your silence says it all.
i thought my dad too possesive to me but i knw thats good for me.
I’m sorry for allthe times we fight,the good thing about it is that we forgive each other.
I’m sorry for disappointing you in everything, but I’m trying my best to make you really really proud.
My Dad has always been there to give advice when I come to him, and been there through all the rough times in
my life.
So thank you dad for being there for Me :)
through out our lives!!!!
I love you sooo muuuch Dad ♥♥♥♥

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