Thursday, October 11, 2012

100 Facts About Me

1. My full name is Annisa Amanda Wangkay Marthens

2. Close family and friends call me "cha-cha" (idk why :/)

3. My zodiac sign is Capricorn.

4. I was born on a Friday.

5.  My Mum called Elly

6.  My Dad called Freddy

7.  huge network of aunts, uncles and
cousins from my mom's family

8.  i dont really know bout my father's family

9.  My favorite colour is White, purple and black

10.  My favorite food is sushi,tacos, indonesian food, and i love spicy food

11.  My favorite song
☆Hey there dellilah - plain white ts
☆with you - chris brown
☆Brielle - sky sailing (now owl city)
☆daughters - john mayers
☆ the A team - Ed Sheeeran
☆always be my baby - david cook
☆the scientist - coldplay
I can’t pick one song to be my favourite – I have lotsss.

12.  favorite film. .umm i like korean dramas,horror movies, thriller,romance movies :)

13.  favorite books,twilight, 50shades of grey,hunger games,harry potter well i hv a lot books about vampire lol

14.  and favorite tv programmes, i like the big bang theory, Glee,gossip girls,vampires diaries,  F.R.I.E.N.D.S,
well a lott..

15.  Sarcasm is my native tongue.

16.  I lied (sometime) :P

17.  I love Channel 5 perfume

18.  I really can keep a secret.

19.  Like everyone else, I have my secrets.

20.  I am not very confident.

21. I cant live without music.

22. I play three instruments,
guitar, piano,  and violin. but terrible in violin lol

23. i love to sing.  i had my own covering video on you tube >_< lol

24.  I really like my cell phone. Especially the good quality pictures it takes and the fact that I can connect to the internet with it. :)

25. i like to run.

26. I dont have a tattoo or piercing.

27. I dont smoke or drink.

28.  The last album I brought was Owl city - ocean eyes

29. Sometimes I am childish.

30. I can be mean although I try to be nice most of the time.

31. I don't believe in love at first sight

32. I love Photography and post it to my flickr or tumblr

33. I like to write blogs.

34. If given a choice, I'd rather shower than bathe.

35.  I want to be happy when I grow up, no matter what that will mean.

36. I want to skydive even though I am afraid of heights.

37. I want to do deepsea diving.

38. I don't mind wearing clothes that arent a well known brand, as long as I like it.

39. I want to gym but I am
lazy :P

40. I love to shoping (spending my money)

41. my favorite games on my phone is Word game, draw something and poker

42. i love to play poker :)

43. i like spending my time with my bestfriend or familys

44.  I would do almost anything for a good friend.

45. I have many online friends.

46. I am going to meet one of them next year, he is from Egypt

47. I ever had an online relationship on.. FACEBOOK lol

48. I want to travel the world.

49. Sometimes I wish the world was simpler than it is.

50. Or maybe the world is too
simple, and should be more

51. I love coffee

52. I am addicted to Twitter and desperately wish I could justify the
expense of a phone that would allow me to tweet any time, any place.

53.I’d like to design my own house one day

54. I’d like to own a horse too…

55. i have two cats and one cute puppy.  i love them <3

56. i still like to watching cartoon.

57. i like soundtrack music (korean drama,romance movie )

58.  Getting tired of Lady Gaga

59.  @greysonchance follow back me on twitter

60. My Favorite hollywood actor is Channing tatum (well i love his body. .soo sexy lol) ;)

61. My Favorite hollywood actress is Zooey Deschanel (her eyes really gorgeous)

62. Eats a lot of peanut butter

63. I want move to  paris,france (my dream)

64. I speak 3 languange.  English, Francais, and indonesian

67. but i took of this languange class

68.  i take international relation for college

69. tk a yoga class

70. i like new adventure

71. i like to hiking

72. i had my own facebook fan pages lol

73.  i only eat red M&M’s. They taste the best.

74. I LOVE shoes… seriously. Shoes make everything better.

75.  cant sleep at the night.
cant get up in the morning -.-

76. my favoirite korean dramas is "Stairway in heaven " this is the saddest korean drama ever T.T i love the soundtrack too

77. I am a hardcore horror fan

78. I love sunshine and blue skies.

79. my favourite brand clothing is Mango,  DKNY, lucky jeans and a lot lol

80. i dont wear too much make up :)

81.  i love to sleep with my pets :P

82. I wish I had the power of teleportation.

83. Coldplay, J-rock, mayday parade  etc are some of my favourite bands.

84. my favourite disney princess is belle from beauty and the beast

85. i like to spending my time in library when waiting for the next class

86. RIP Dion (my ex-bf) :'(

87. RIP my grandma and grandpa from my mother :'( i miss you

88. I am terrified of cockroachs and worm

89. I worked in the art department

90. I get angry easily.

91 I love the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. It’s the top played (Besides SB) soundtrack on my Iphone/Pad/Tune

92. I would so vote for Ellen DeGeneres for president :3

93. I have 10k+ followers on twitter.

94. i have a super straight black hair.

95. I hate when people talk highly of me.

96. Sometimes I go through my blog and delete posts that I reblogged :P

97. i have my own portfolios photographer and porfolios model

98. Love & Marriage are two of the most
important things to me, and the two things i desire the most.

99. My personal motto is
"Live Life Long"

100. I find it hard to think of 100 facts about myself.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

happy birthday to the best DAD ever!

its October 10,2012

happy birthday to the greatest man I know, my father.
A man who has accomplished so much in his life. Someone I have always looked up to and strived to make proud. As he has always made me proud to be his daughter.
The one who taught me to just be myself. The man who inspires me to be a
better person. The person who inspires me to be who I want to be.The man who
supports me at anything. No words needed.My dad isnot the kind of man
who says, be strong, be who you want to be, i think he has trouble expressing himself,but dad I know that, that’s what you want. For me to be strong„ to
be who i want to be. Even if you don’t say it. And I am so thankful. Thank you for correcting me when I’m doing something wrong, without saying anything. Right there i know that I’m wrong, your silence says it all.
i thought my dad too possesive to me but i knw thats good for me.
I’m sorry for allthe times we fight,the good thing about it is that we forgive each other.
I’m sorry for disappointing you in everything, but I’m trying my best to make you really really proud.
My Dad has always been there to give advice when I come to him, and been there through all the rough times in
my life.
So thank you dad for being there for Me :)
through out our lives!!!!
I love you sooo muuuch Dad ♥♥♥♥

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Best Quote Of The day

My new iphone 5! !!

i got my new iphone 5 todayy :D OMFG!!!
i gt the black one couse i thought im getting bored with the white phone :P
The experience is great and I'm loving it so far.
as you can see my pile is getting taller :P
well i need to find cute accessories for my new baby iPhone 5 ^_^

Sunday, October 7, 2012


i love to sharing some fun pict on gag :P
you can see all of my gag picture in here 9gag
if you like my picture, turn that smile button ok ok :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vote me on instagram photo contest! !

hey! !! vote my photo for instagram photo contest
#fall4mowhawk  and #fallinlovewithkarastan
title fall in newyork (link)

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

생일축하합니다 Yoon Eun hye!!!

03 october,  today is her birthday :)
you know who is she? drama wiki (yoon eun hye i love her acting on " coffee prince "korean drama.

shes really cute (even shes do plastic surgery) i still like her :)
the best part of her is. ... her lips :P kinda look like angelina jolie lol just "kinda look like " OFC jolie is bigger, i mean sexier lol (the lips)

she was tweeting bout the birthday on her official twitter account and.. i just mention her tweets
         "생일축하합니다 "
what thats mean? google it ;).lol jk jk
thats mean happy birthday in korean languange :)
i wish she could retweeted my birthday tweet back :)

OMG FACT! (Yoon Eun-Hye ) Before & After Plastic Surgery

OMGG cant believe this! !! i like her! !! (shockd) ╮(╯_╰")╭
              "nobodys perfect"

this the picture of her Breasts, Eyes and Nose plastic surgery.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear October, please be better than September.

Dear October,

There are a few things I want this month.

1.new phone. .Iphone 5 :P OMg. This thing would really rock my world pweaasee

2.new camera for my collection. well i want Lumix FT3 Waterproof and Shockproof *_*

3.To save money for my vacation – no
unnecessary spending (seriously, 5 handbags invthe last two months is
just ridiculous)

4. More weight loss – please don’t allow me to procrastinate and binge.

5. ummm Maybe New boyfriend!  Lol jk jk :P

well i do heart octobers.

October also mean that the weather is getting cooler and november is on it’s way………nothing like a bit of November Rain :)