Thursday, October 11, 2012

100 Facts About Me

1. My full name is Annisa Amanda Wangkay Marthens

2. Close family and friends call me "cha-cha" (idk why :/)

3. My zodiac sign is Capricorn.

4. I was born on a Friday.

5.  My Mum called Elly

6.  My Dad called Freddy

7.  huge network of aunts, uncles and
cousins from my mom's family

8.  i dont really know bout my father's family

9.  My favorite colour is White, purple and black

10.  My favorite food is sushi,tacos, indonesian food, and i love spicy food

11.  My favorite song
☆Hey there dellilah - plain white ts
☆with you - chris brown
☆Brielle - sky sailing (now owl city)
☆daughters - john mayers
☆ the A team - Ed Sheeeran
☆always be my baby - david cook
☆the scientist - coldplay
I can’t pick one song to be my favourite – I have lotsss.

12.  favorite film. .umm i like korean dramas,horror movies, thriller,romance movies :)

13.  favorite books,twilight, 50shades of grey,hunger games,harry potter well i hv a lot books about vampire lol

14.  and favorite tv programmes, i like the big bang theory, Glee,gossip girls,vampires diaries,  F.R.I.E.N.D.S,
well a lott..

15.  Sarcasm is my native tongue.

16.  I lied (sometime) :P

17.  I love Channel 5 perfume

18.  I really can keep a secret.

19.  Like everyone else, I have my secrets.

20.  I am not very confident.

21. I cant live without music.

22. I play three instruments,
guitar, piano,  and violin. but terrible in violin lol

23. i love to sing.  i had my own covering video on you tube >_< lol

24.  I really like my cell phone. Especially the good quality pictures it takes and the fact that I can connect to the internet with it. :)

25. i like to run.

26. I dont have a tattoo or piercing.

27. I dont smoke or drink.

28.  The last album I brought was Owl city - ocean eyes

29. Sometimes I am childish.

30. I can be mean although I try to be nice most of the time.

31. I don't believe in love at first sight

32. I love Photography and post it to my flickr or tumblr

33. I like to write blogs.

34. If given a choice, I'd rather shower than bathe.

35.  I want to be happy when I grow up, no matter what that will mean.

36. I want to skydive even though I am afraid of heights.

37. I want to do deepsea diving.

38. I don't mind wearing clothes that arent a well known brand, as long as I like it.

39. I want to gym but I am
lazy :P

40. I love to shoping (spending my money)

41. my favorite games on my phone is Word game, draw something and poker

42. i love to play poker :)

43. i like spending my time with my bestfriend or familys

44.  I would do almost anything for a good friend.

45. I have many online friends.

46. I am going to meet one of them next year, he is from Egypt

47. I ever had an online relationship on.. FACEBOOK lol

48. I want to travel the world.

49. Sometimes I wish the world was simpler than it is.

50. Or maybe the world is too
simple, and should be more

51. I love coffee

52. I am addicted to Twitter and desperately wish I could justify the
expense of a phone that would allow me to tweet any time, any place.

53.I’d like to design my own house one day

54. I’d like to own a horse too…

55. i have two cats and one cute puppy.  i love them <3

56. i still like to watching cartoon.

57. i like soundtrack music (korean drama,romance movie )

58.  Getting tired of Lady Gaga

59.  @greysonchance follow back me on twitter

60. My Favorite hollywood actor is Channing tatum (well i love his body. .soo sexy lol) ;)

61. My Favorite hollywood actress is Zooey Deschanel (her eyes really gorgeous)

62. Eats a lot of peanut butter

63. I want move to  paris,france (my dream)

64. I speak 3 languange.  English, Francais, and indonesian

67. but i took of this languange class

68.  i take international relation for college

69. tk a yoga class

70. i like new adventure

71. i like to hiking

72. i had my own facebook fan pages lol

73.  i only eat red M&M’s. They taste the best.

74. I LOVE shoes… seriously. Shoes make everything better.

75.  cant sleep at the night.
cant get up in the morning -.-

76. my favoirite korean dramas is "Stairway in heaven " this is the saddest korean drama ever T.T i love the soundtrack too

77. I am a hardcore horror fan

78. I love sunshine and blue skies.

79. my favourite brand clothing is Mango,  DKNY, lucky jeans and a lot lol

80. i dont wear too much make up :)

81.  i love to sleep with my pets :P

82. I wish I had the power of teleportation.

83. Coldplay, J-rock, mayday parade  etc are some of my favourite bands.

84. my favourite disney princess is belle from beauty and the beast

85. i like to spending my time in library when waiting for the next class

86. RIP Dion (my ex-bf) :'(

87. RIP my grandma and grandpa from my mother :'( i miss you

88. I am terrified of cockroachs and worm

89. I worked in the art department

90. I get angry easily.

91 I love the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. It’s the top played (Besides SB) soundtrack on my Iphone/Pad/Tune

92. I would so vote for Ellen DeGeneres for president :3

93. I have 10k+ followers on twitter.

94. i have a super straight black hair.

95. I hate when people talk highly of me.

96. Sometimes I go through my blog and delete posts that I reblogged :P

97. i have my own portfolios photographer and porfolios model

98. Love & Marriage are two of the most
important things to me, and the two things i desire the most.

99. My personal motto is
"Live Life Long"

100. I find it hard to think of 100 facts about myself.


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