Sunday, September 30, 2012

my cat is my best friend.

Hey Hey. .. umm im kinda busy this week.   .omg! ! a lot of school project and homework (student problem) -.-
I almost forgot if my hobby is photography. because it had been 2 weeks I did not take any pictures. LoL

and now I have no idea what I'm supposed photo. ahha and when I was playing with my kitty cat, I intend to take their photo. : P and here!! well .. I had to introduce them to you.  my kitten I already consider to be my bestie .
"only those who can understand me" lol quote of the day XD
yes it is sometimes true isnt? Sometimes when you're sad that you would think the same way. only your pet who can understand you :)

well. .. back to my kitten.
● Tommy. the older cat but sometimes I'm a little scared when holding it. probably because I've been in bite by him. he's biting me on the neck. . omgg!!!  maybe he's descendants of vampires cat lol (very odd thought ). but I love him :*
●the second cat, Jerry. he is really very lazy cat. lazy ass ! umm he just spends his time with sleeping  and sleeping -. - .  try to imagine you guys, is there any pet up late from the employer?  if she becomes the maid was I fired him>: O loll. but I prefer it. . when I'm sad.,hes always by my side, as if he wanted to say
"its ok anne, its gonna be alright Everything" .. aweee this cat are very considerate. but if he really could say that! ! I would be terrified! ! Where there cats could talk unless doraemon hehe

ohh ight. I gave them names like Tommy And Jerry, inspired by the cartoons. lol (I really have run out of ideas.)
and. .what bout you?  you have a pet that you already consider to be your own best friend?

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