Monday, September 10, 2012

yay SM Town Live World Tour III in Jakarta!!!!

Big news! Yay, I’m going to watch SM Town Live World Tour III in Jakarta.

The date of the concert is on 22nd September 2012, still a long way to go,but I’m already this excited (blame my inner fangirl).
I heard that the full formation of SM’s groups will be there (not sure about Lee Teuk though), I’m happy to hear that because I like all SM groups (no kidding, I am SM biased). Lol.

But I’m sad to hear that we are not allowed to bring our camera to the concert venue, what a lame rule. Oh well, just going to sneak my camera inside my shirt then.I’m busy searching for some goodies to bring to the concert, so many people are selling goodies but I just don’t know how to do the transaction -.-

Blah! nvm. .. cant wait :B

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